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  1. Plus buying the lord of the rings toys when I was very little helped me understand and immerse myself in middle earth, using my mums furniture to make Moria and Helms deep etc and then developing my interest as I got older into reading the other books and researching heavily into the history of middle earth and the characters and creatures that inhabited it.

  2. Going through old records, I found my Repairs album. I think I first heard them play at the Little Tavern by the Westport Playhouse around 1970.As the youth program director for the town of Westport at that time, I organized the outdoor concerts on Jessup Green. I didn’t remember that Andrew Oldham heard them there, and I never kept in touch with them. Great to listen to the podcast from Jim Honeycutt and love to “connect the dots” from the past. Best wishes! and Thanks!

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  5. Sandy, will this conference be reported in detail on TVFF? I cannot be there and (along with many others) would hope that there is a detailesd résumé. Hopefully there will be useful and positive discussion and we need to know what transpires and what 'promises' are made. Example: I recently visited a major newly-opened riad/hotel in the médina: most of the building and all the new build next to, indeed surrounding, this hotel were constructed in steel, breeze blocks and red brick. Any idea how any of the plans for these buildings were agreed by the beladia?A+

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  20. Je post doet me denken aan onze vakanties in Frankrijk, waar vaak op de meest pittoreske plekjes ook van dit soort koeltorens uit het niets opdoemen. Grappig (en een beetje triest) dat dat in Nederland ook het geval is. Het is niet dat ik tegen de moderne tijd ben hoor: van die rijen met windmolens in het (polder) landschap vind ik namelijk vaak wel decoratief. 🙂

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  22. I use the same detangling spray on my daughter’s hair. Something I discovered a long time ago and I haven’t seen mentioned on the site yet is that I start combing her hair from the bottom and work my way up her head. I mean that I comb the bottom couple of inches and get those tangles out and then work my way up by combing larger lengths of hair at a time. It pulls a lot less and it’s easier to work through the tangles. Less hair breakage too.

  23. Great post, especially for highlighting all the regional diversity. I am open to placing “Q” (if it existed at all as a single document in a “community”) in Galilee based on reconstructing Galilean village life and the specific woes against Galilean villages in Q. There is also the other interesting recent study that puts the Gospel of Mark in Galilee – H.N. Roskam, “The Purpose of the Gospel in its Historical and Social Context”. If these trends are right than it would point to Galilee as a much more important centre of early Christianity than often recognized, though in the end we can’t really know.

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  29. Thanks for the advice. Sadly, I learned #3 the hard way was I little. Those stove burners were so pretty and orange ….I think I was two. And I never forgot the burn that I got!

  30. Now you are not being serious. My son actually made a choice when he came in to ask me for a cookie. It was an act of his volition or will. I did not make him do it. God influences but he does not force us to make our choices. We do what we want to do. Now as to your question, all choices we make are predetermined both before and after we are saved. Predetermined but not forced or coerced.

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  39. Edited my comment since on a reread my initial comment sounded rather confrontational. But you’re right, I am uncomfortable with the subject matter of #20. I’m no fan of smoking in general, but when done by adults who are aware of the risks that’s one thing. These are pictures of children being given an addictive poison by an adilt for an art project. These children are far too young to consent to this. I’m not disputing their aesthetic appeal, I’m just wondering about whether it is really a good argument for displaying them.

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  157. One thing this round of rockets vs JDAMs has going for it is the absolutely surreal quality to the warporn. I can't find it now, but I was fascinated by a video taken at a wedding where the festivities took a time out to listen to the air raid sirens and watch the Iron Dome ABMs do their thing… then the dancing started again.

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