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  5. La reforma procesal penal fue (y es) un gran avance en economia procesal, descongestion de causas sin relevancia publica (arts. 167 al 170) y permite avanzar en un sistema que defienda las garantias de todos los intervinientes en el proceso; no es perfecto, pero admite mejoras y es infinitamente mejor al sistema antiguo… Yo que tu, Francisco, me avergonzaria de la propia ignorancia

  6. "Geez, leave the poor guy alone and make your own damn charts! :-P"What do you mean "Poor guy"? Bart enjoys this kind of "abuse". :)I firmly believe Ricardo had it right, and Bart is way better at charts than I am."Dependence on foreign charts" is a political scare tactic, and self sufficiency in charts or anything else is a foolish and costly endeavor.

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  9. I agree with everyones comments. I have a few close friends (though none not close) who know to nudge me when I seem to be faltering. Last year I purchased a domain name, which I now own for 5 years. This month I found a host site & am working towards setting up my own website, with all the bells & whistles that go with it.So if you hear a high-pitched sound & no one is around, it is only me – venting as I figure out the next step.

  10. Jared:This looks very interesting and certainly a step forward in the evolution of construction documents which can also be used for presentation. Realistically however, even though the software has these capabilities, how does this translate to running a large number of black and white drawings for the contractors though? Much of the printing world is still lagging behind in that companies with large format printers are still black and white- do you find these colored elevations translate well without line weights to grayscale, or do the fills become counter-productiove in terms of readability?

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  12. Livia РWishingaBookLendo: Firelight da Sophie Jornda. Estou bem no inicio, mas acao ja comeca no cap 1, oq esta me fazendo gostar bastante (depois da lentidao extrema de Halo). Vc perguntou se eu achei muito descritivo. Bom, o inicio eh um pouco, pq a autora tenta colocar o leitor dentro do mundo criado, da teoria desenvolvida dos dragoes, mas to achando q ela escreve bem. Enfim, muito mais por vir ainda![]garotaquele Reply:October 25th, 2010 at 8:06 pmJura que fica animaḍo? *-* haha vou ler vou ler[]

  13. Did I miss that in the article? I don’t remember seeing anything about needing that as3core library. The second library helped as far as the errors…I no longer receive any compile errors, but now I’m getting a blank screen. Hmmm…I guess I’ll play around with the code and see if I can figure out what I did wrong (any ideas?)Thanks for your help! Btw, this was from the article in the April issue (2/2009). First time I’ve seen the FFD magazine…I really like it, but the cost is a bit much…$15 here in the States.

  14. MouNziRa dit :Je crois que j’avais demandé ici à ce que les dissidents de cette conférence nationale nous (le peuple) informe sur les points qui seront évoqués lors ce tte table ronde pour avoir l’assentiment d’un plus gd nombre. On m’a dit que GabonReview avait déjà paru des articles dessus. Et voila que ce même gabonreview vient a se poser des questions sur les contours qui devront être définis pr la tenue de cette conférence qui ma foie … sont flous.

  15. With all due respect:Spanish:Merendar (the verb) To take a light meal/snackMerienda (a noun) a light meal/snack“Merienda Time”No coffee for me. It’s too late. but I am having some crackers, cheese and ham.Bon Appetit !![With all due respect: “Merenda” is Italian.]

  16. I wish they’d remove the religious aspect/definition of marriage out of the government altogether, and simply issue civil unions. Religious institutions could then define them however they damn well please. It has absolutely no place with regards to legal ramifications.

  17. makkarat. yök. iha sama kuinka paljon lihaa siinä, koska lihakin on yök 😀 ja yök viä kerra, se on tursutettu SUOLEEN. mä oon erikoinen lihansyöjä siinä mielessä etten tykkää mistään missä liha ei oo siinä alkuperäsessä filee-muodossa. eli mikäli liha on paloina, jauhettuna, makkarana, leikkeleenä, rullana yms, ei nappaa ;Dsen sijaan ajattelin sua cittarissa tänään ja ostin varhaiskaalia! en kypsentäny, iha vaa salaattipohjana meni, mut oli hyvää! kiitos hanna <3

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  21. I was getting down to the wire, and I saw that the advice was “hop to it,” and the crossing 40A “way to go” delivered me directly to the crossing “O-NO” which is a synonym of O Negative. I also saw that 36D “fortified” could be interpreted as pointing to 40 in the grid, but all I could say was FIE. Very neat puzzle.

  22. ab,Not wishing to get into a flame war with you, but do you not think that the explanation(s) for the "soaring divorce rates" might be more complex than simply blaming the "whores"? That seems a bit retro.Also, if they are not taking money are they still whores? If they do it for free, wouldn't that make them sluts, since "whore" suggests a financial arrangement?

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  25. Touriste dans sa ville, voilà : il y avait une histoire de ce couple de Bagnolet qui venait en vacances à Paris, Convention, trois semaines à l’hôtel, vous vous souvenez – je ne sais plus, où était-ce ? Un parfum de « belle équipe » les années trente (et six) et ces choses-là qui restent attachées à notre ville, hein, Chasse Clou -et vous tous, évidemment – ?

  26. It has been years since I watched the remake… I forgot so many stars were in it! I mean, I did remember the great Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche, but Viggo and his butt? James Remar (love him BTW!!)? And William H. Macy? Wow…. I know you say to skip it, but I think I need to go back and watch it again at some point.

  27. Jaj, Kata! Annyira jó, hogy itt vagy megint!!!!! 😀 Örülök, mert Te is örülsz, és örülök, hogy tetszenek az apróságok, amiket küldtem! Nagyon-nagyon szívesen!!!A neszi attól olyan stabil, hogy a rávasalható közbélés mellett, még külön bélést is tettem bele. Fehér hobby filc anyagot, a vékonyabbat… :DKönnyű vele dolgozni, és tényleg elég merevséget ad, táskába is használtam már!Puszi Neked! Noémi

  28. Wave of adaptation washes over Russian city:“Aleksandr Tkachyov, the governor of the Krasnodar region, urged local residents not to panic. “No one can remember such floods in our history. There was nothing of the kind for the last 70 years. More than 5,000 households were hit,” Itar-Tass news agency quoted him as saying.“The water came with such force that it tore up the asphalt” in one area, he said via Twitter, according to RT.”Stripped asphalt is remindful of Minnesota incident last month.

  29. Encore une histoire de journalistes en mal de sensations… Ce n’est quand même pas bloc de soixante HLM qu’on y construit!Quelqu’un d’entre-vous peut nous trouver cette rue dans Google Maps. Les plans de vue du reportage télé montraient bien des maisons plus modernes à gauche de la construction, mais on mettait le focus sur les petites maisons où la différence d’époque frappait plus…

  30. Quelcrist Falconer By acknowledging the other side’s good intentions, for starters.That assumes that the other side has good intentions.Other than destroying the welfare state and stealing everything that isn’t nailed down what are the other intentions of the right?Creating a police state so that they can keep what they stole?

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  33. Mi hai fatto scendere le lacrime dagli occhi :)Quanti ricordi … forse sarà per questo che i crash di Windows (dopo le cassette) mi fanno una barba … ore e ore passate con una interfaccia seriale a copiare cassette con un doppio registratore :)) Alla faccia della pirateria.Già … a quei tempi veniva anche incoraggiata.Ma che vuoi, non c’erano i problemi dell’economia di scala di oggi, quando bisognava difendere gli stipendi delle multinazionali.

  34. Wow, this is a very/rather untypical for IM collection, isn’t it? She really surprised us with some new shapes (wide leg trousers), colours (blush) & prints (paisley, geometric). If you haven’t written it, I would never have guessed it is Isabel Marant’s design! I like it, but think that spring collection is more sophisticated, thus more to my liking 🙂

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  39. class act Kevin.very interesting to follow… although I have to say in most of your vids, I think you are still taking it kind of “easy”. Seems like you could use more weight or get more reps on those final sets (maybe both on occasion). Is this on purpose? Crank it up a bit each week rather than jumping in too quick? Just curious.

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  41. Wow. I asked them why they couldn’t track more efficiently like Fedex, but that comment didn’t make them love me. I once send an apple pie to my son in Germany; it never got there, but came back to me three months later and was a biohazard at that point! Good luck with this problem, hope it gets resolved quickly!

  42. What a great series – My favourites were the Stained Glass and the Weaving episodes. I was so inspired by the work of Margo Selby's that I was straight on the web trying to find a course I could join – saddly I couldn't seem to find anything in my area 🙁

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  45. But Mr. Field, the neocons got what they wanted. They've been trying to figure out a way to bankrupt the country for decades. Then, so their plan goes, they would be able to cut social programs, which they hate.Neocons are evil people, Mr. Field. They have no problem with the loss of life in the American War in Iraq as long as they can kill social programs.

  46. If thed court decides that a brother should have the right to see his sisters original birth certificate, that's fine with me, but what's the connection with Nobama? Do they think that this will make it easier to try to see bama-boys birth certificate? I don't think that'll happy, but if someone can understand this better than me, I'm happy to learn.

  47. How ironic:(These nature lovers showed precious little understanding or sympathy when Buffalonians grieved the loss of thousands of trees October 13, 2006 in a freak snow storm.They blamed global warming and people as the cause of the destruction of the trees, not our lake effect storms.And you'd think with all the power out for weeks they'd bring in some solar generators.Nope. They were more than happy to let us freeze.That's their religion.

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  49. I’ve got to agree with the above post that Radiohead gets the 90′s crown, but sadly, I didn’t discover them until I was in college. As far as albums from the 90′s that I listened to in the 90′s, I wore out two copies of Beck’s “Odelay.” It was the first album I ever bought just to piss off my parents, but it ended up being so much more, which in turn pissed them off more, etc.For the certain type of high school kid, “I’m a Loser Baby, so Why Don’t You Kill Me?” can be a bizarrly edifying call to action.

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  51. I’ve noticed that same lure that yellow has here. Each year we get hoards of an unknown species of tiny black beetle all over the Encelia blooms. I wonder what the attraction is? I’m surprised you aphids on your Artemisia, I have the same variety growing here, and nothing ever seems to touch it. Yours must be especially tasty!

  52. The Boardwalk Bakery is a treat, especially when I stay at the BWI. Even a bagel that is nothing special tastes so much better when you enjoy it at the outdoor tables on an early morning. Although you don’t see too many reviews for lunch, their sandwiches are quite tasty and a bargain if you’re using the dining plan (mainly because of the dessert selection). I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in any of their bakery items! Thanks for the review. I think I’ve had the PB cake and it was delicious!

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  57. Recuerdo mucho la película. Me la he visto alrededor de 3 veces en mivida. Y la primera, fue como a las 12 de la madrugada, en CINEMAX. ¿Ah? ¡CINEMAX!. La segunda porque la quería entender mejor, y la tercera cuando la quise ver con mi novia (ahora mi esposa) y ella se durmió mientras la veíamos. Creeme. ¡Uno ve colores!

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  62. I was just discussing this yesterday!!!! The day you wrote the post!!! It is human nature for sure, but I would love to join you in a little experiment. Ready, set, go… xo

  63. I think this is awesome. I would love to THINK that I could pull it off, and would be danrig enough to do it, but I think when it comes down to actually doing it, I wouldn’t be able to but that’s just because I love my thick hair and would feel so unlike myself without it!Also, what if you want to grow it out, it must be really awkward with some hair textures!

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  65. Feels a little late now, but Happy Birthday! Sometimes it's difficult seeing the wood for the trees, and having to be strong for so long is a hardship, but it's wonderful that you can still find small moments of happiness.Hugs. Wishing you well.

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  68. those babies are killing me with cuteness. And your photos of them (here and on fb) are just stunning.ah yes, longer days!and I’m happy to report that I have quietly been cutting the sugar little by little. I had to wean myself off, lol!

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